• Radicular Pain – Nerve Root Block Direct Access

    The North of England Regional Back Pain and Radicular Pain Pathway ensures that patients with radicular pain (also known as Sciatica) have direct access to Nerve Root Blocks (Transforaminal Epidural Injections) if required. Nerve Root Blocks are used in the diagnosis and treatment of radicular symptoms.

    Lumbar spinal stenosis (central or foraminal) and disc herniations can induce nerve root irritation and inflammation. Inflammation of the nerve root induces neurophysiologic and histologic changes that can result in radicular symptoms. The Nerve Root Block instils medication along the affected nerve root and into the anterior epidural space at the site of inflammation. The use of local anaesthetics and corticosteroids reduces the nerve root irritation whilst increasing intraradicular blood flow.

    The procedure is carried out as a day case using state-of-the-art fluoroscopic equipment. Patients will be required to give written consent prior to the procedure and will have a period of recovery prior to disch

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