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This Patient Information Leaflet has been developed for the Regional Back Pain Programme.   This Patient information leaflet should be given to patients attending with a new onset of Acute Low back pain which has been present for less than 2 weeks.

Patient Information 1st Attendance ver3 Nov15 301115

If a patient re-attends with  the same onset  of acute Low Back Pain or has had a new onset of Low back Pain  for more than 2 weeks then the below Patient Information should be given to the patient and the GP should complete the Keele STartBack  Tool with the patient.

Patient Information 2nd Attendance ver2 Nov15 301115

NHS Inform – Patient information sheet

Key messages and phrases for clinicians

Guide to Red flags

GP Templates


EMIS WEB Acute Back and Radicular pain screen shots


S1 Acute Back and Radicular pain template screen shots UPDATED 17122015


Available in January 2016